Ana came to our Laredo, Texas service as a translator for Pat Unruh in 1990. Since the majority of the families spoke only Spanish her work and dedication was invaluable. As the service grew there we gradually handed over administrative responsibilities to her. Pat trained her in all aspects of administrative responsibilities and she eventually took over the full time administrative duties for the Texas Clinic.

For years Ana translated all the various activities used by Dr. Unruh and assisted in demonstrating than as well.  When Dr. Unruh and Pat saw that they would no longer be able to travel to Texas they began a training program for Ana to take over all of the teaching responsibilities for any activity Nacho may use on the program. This included a study course in Madrid, Spain at Nacho’s clinic. This enabled her to be fully capable of her new responsibilities which she is performing with great enthusiasm.

Ana now handles all administrative duties at the Laredo, Texas service and functions as the Instructor of the program for the families.

We are proud to have such dedicated people like Ana working for us. Her natural rapport with the children and families help create a relaxed and loving atmosphere at the clinic.