Although the Dr. Unruh’s programs can not provide miracles we do strive very hard to offer the best possible treatment and services available. We do not represent any one rehabilitation theory and therefore are academically free to investigate and utilize successful and helpful technology from all related fields. This freedom allows our home programs to focus the best of what the world has to offer based on the needs of your individual child.

The Lewis Family with Dr. Unruh and Patricia

Since Dr. Unruh was among the first to work in this specialty, he has amassed an enormous amount of experience having seen thousands of children and their families from all over the world.  Some of the more involved children have stayed on his program for 30 or more years providing him with a long-term exposure to the same child. This long-term exposure to the same child and family represents experience that is believed to be-unequalled by anyone alive today. He has grown up with many of these wonderful families and has gleaned an understanding of what needs to be done now to get the best result later. The privileged to know and to learn from these families and deserving children represents a resource that continues to grow by the day.

The accumulated experience over the past 50 years plus the talented contributions of the many specialist and current staff allows the Neurological Rehabilitation International Consultants to provide the best service of its kind.

Our results are substantial, observable, and better than other more restrictive methods.

For more information you can contact any of Dr. Unruh's locations or read his book titled Down Syndrome.

Article featured in RIO Magazine (Laredo, TX), 6/29/2014

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