Pat started her work at the Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation (CNR) in 1978 and became an important member of the group consisting at that time of Dr. John F. Unruh, Dr. Carl H. Delacato, Dr. Eugene B. Spitz and Dr. Robert J. Doman. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious and she quickly became the executive administrator who was not only responsible for running the CNR but her duties included administrating all foreign services and international conferences.

After studying with Dr. Spitz for one year and then with Dr. Unruh for another year she completed numerous courses at different universities in child development and therapeutic exercise. This extensive training prepared her for her new responsibilities as she became the CNR head instructor who taught the programs to families. This she did with excellence in many foreign countries including Belgium, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and at various locations in the United States.  Her rapport with the families and children is professional yet deeply personal. She has a loving concern for the children and the ability to get the very best from their parents and all who know her.


Pat has always embraced challenges, as you can see by her rapid rise at the CNR. Therefore, you can understand why at the age of 56 she decided to start training for a marathon. She completed 6 of them including the Goofy, which is a half marathon on Saturday, and then a full marathon on Sunday.

In addition, she is Dr. Unruh’s wife. They have lived and worked together for all those years and are as close today as every. It is a rare couple that can spend 24 hours a day together for all those years and still maintain a loving marriage.