Nacho, which is how he likes to be called, was born in Madrid, Spain in 1968.  He received his degree in psychology and after studying several years in the United States he returned to Madrid where in 1995, founded and Directed The Fay Institute working with children who had neurological disabilities.

Currently, he is the Founder and Director of The Institute of Applied Neuropsychology and Psychopedagogy. He is a professor of psychology at The Collage of International Studies in Madrid. He has published numerous books on learning as well as many papers on various aspects of rehabilitating the nervous system. He is an internationally known lecturer and we are proud to have him as a consulting director for Neurological Rehabilitation International Consultants.  

Nacho has spent one full year studying with Dr. Unruh and ran his Barcelona service for one year. He is well versed in Dr. Unruh’s methods and he brings to the Laredo Service this knowledge along with his 20 years of experience developing home programs for children with neurological disabilities. 


Nacho is a charismatic man who is quick to smile. His love of children is immediately apparent to all who meet him. Living and working in Madrid, Spain, Nacho always finds time for his family. He has a very dedicated wife Gemma and four wonderful children.

Nacho is responsible for all services in Laredo, Texas where he works for Neurological Rehabilitation International Consultants three times a year. He is assisted by Ana Archuleta who is the administrator and instructor for the service. Ana has been with Dr. Unruh since 1990.