Brain injury has many causes and comes in all levels of severity. It can occur during the 9 months of pregnancy. It can occur shortly before, during or slightly after birth (the most likely time for it to occur). It can also occur anytime after you are born. However, regardless of the cause, the severity or when it occurred, all brain injury has one thing in common; it prevents you from reaching your potential. It does not lower or take away your potential. It just prevents you from accessing, demonstrating or using the full potential you have.

Since brain injury does not interfere with ones true potential there is every reason we should do as much as possible to help overcome the problems that are caused by brain injury. Even though potential can not be properly measured, when someone suffers from brain injury their potential is always significantly higher than they are able to show or communicate. International Rehabilitation Consultants are highly experienced having helped thousands of brain injured children. Dr. John F. Unruh represents 50 years of experience. Pat Unruh represents 36 years of experience and Nacho Calderon represents 20 years of experience.  We take pride in the international reputation we have earned from the results achieved by so many courageous children and their families.

Neurological Rehabilitation International Consultants achieves results by providing individualize home programs that are administered by family members. After evaluations, the family is empowered and enabled to actually work in their own home successfully. For those families that can provide what is needed, our programs offer exciting results regardless of age or degree of disability. Often, our programs get good results even when other programs fail.